Grieving when your loss is not acknowledged by others

When someone can’t share their grief with others or their loss is not acknowledged or validated by others, their grief can be felt even more intensely. This is often referred to as disenfranchised grief. Disenfranchised grief can leave the bereaved person feeling alone, isolated, unsupported or unable to share their experience. The world that once made sense has been disrupted and feels ‘shattered’.

“I feel devastated; I’ve tried not to be, but I have gone from being something to become absolutely nothing, it’s like I never existed, wiped from a life. It’s very weird.”

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a sense of anxiety, ambiguity and confusion. Each day brings new information that adds another layer of uncertainty. For some people, this may mean that their grief feels insignificant or unimportant as the world faces more significant issues, and large numbers of people are unwell or dying.

No matter what the circumstances, everyone has a right to grieve.

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